Answer 2 Discussion Questions

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Discussion 1

Attachments are for first discussion question

In at least 250 words, please respond to the following questions.

Use the image below of a linear growth pattern to respond to the following:

1. Explicitly describe (in several sentences) how you visualize the change in the growth pattern that is displayed below. Try to explain it as you would expect your students to explain it to you and their classmates.
2. Use this description to generate an algebraic expression/equation that will give the number of squares, n, at any stage, s.

Discussion 2

Education is meant to help prepare students to face the problems of real life after high school or college. Math curriculum has always attempted to create problems that include real-life applications. But are these problems good enough?

Watch this video of a talk given by a math teacher who believes that teachers need to re-structure their problems.

In about 250 words, respond to the following questions related to the video:

  • Do you agree with his assertion that the math class needs a makeover in terms of the type of problems presented? Is he leaving out anything?
  • What have you done or what do you hope to do in the future to help introduce these type of problems?