Analyze Challenges in Managing Resources and Supervising

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Public sector leaders should implement socially responsible decisions and commit to the common good. Leadership can be demonstrated in many ways depending on the skills and qualities of the individual leader. The leadership style must be coordinated to fulfill the mission of the organization. For example, transformational leadership may be successful in the local city manager’s office, whereas the situational leadership style is more appropriate for a prison or jail management. Public servants are employed in different types of government agencies ranging from the tax collector’s officer to the school board, to law enforcement, corrections, and courts, as well as private institutions such as hospitals. Post a discussion entry where you address the following:

Discuss the differences between the concepts of management and supervision regarding addressing challenges in resource management. Explain how management and supervision differ in public service organizations such as police or courts compared to private businesses such as hospitals and schools. How do foundational public administration theories support these different roles public officials find themselves in?

Support your discussion with three scholarly sources per (three in the initial content post and three in the response post).

Length: Content post of 300 words; response post of 200 words. (Come up with a initial content post and a response to the content–response post).

Both your content post and your response post should reflect a college level attitude, be free of grammar and spelling errors, and include the criteria mentioned above. No plagiarism. Double space in APA format with font 14 and New Times Roman writing.